Synthetic Rutile


This was widely used to imitate diamond in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, but was soon ousted by the appearance of more satisfactory imitations on the market.

Appearance It has very strong luster and is always given a brilliant cut. Normally, it is slightly cloudy rather than perfectly transparent. It has a faint yellowish tinge, but because of its very high dispersion looks positively iridescent in bright light. Under a lens, its very strong birefringence produces an obvious doubling of the facets and edges which is more striking, for instance, than that of zircons. Because the stone is not very hard, the facet edges are not sharp, and it feels slippery.

Distinctive features Strong birefringence, combined with very high dispersion, low hardness, and a yellow tinge make it easy to recognize.

Cost Higher than that of other diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia or YAG, but lower than that of the most costly synthetics, such as emerald.


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