Des : Conversely, the jewellery industry in the early 20th century launched a campaign to popularize wedding rings for men — which caught on — as well as engagement rings for men - which did not, going so far as to create a false history and claim that the practice had Medieval roots.


Des : Jasper: Jasper is a gemstone of the chalcedony family that comes in a variety of colours. Often, jasper will feature unique and interesting patterns within the coloured stone. Picture jasper is a type of jasper known for the colours (often beiges and browns) and swirls in the stone’s pattern.






We hope that you will have find alot of interesting items here on our website. The Upgraded 2006, is a new Sterling Silver Jewelry website created and developed to appeal to the young and old, men and women consumer market. The brand aims to complement a wide variety of clothing for different occasions. The jewelry composition and design are carefully selected to ensure that every item is of fashionable, innovative versatile design and more importantly affordable, so as to reflect the professional unique tastes and styles of the new generations of users. We carefully select and items that are made by various professional manufacturer to be placed in our collections which you will see on this website and for your information we place a high priority on the professionalism of our partner, interms of the quality of their product, supplies, product composition, delivery times, returns and ofcourse interms of pricing. All our vendors and partners makes effective use of gemstones combining with the use of advanced technologies.

In the early 2004, our founders were once struck by frustration trying to qualty control and sell the products of one local bali partner jewelry pieces . Living in the heart of the newest and hottest fashion-driven world, they browsed the net and joined shows and exhibition in search for the latest styles in sterling silver jewelry. When they realized everybody was selling nearly the same style and selling the same way, they had an idea to produce a collection of jewelry which is suitable for a broader marke, greater collections, designs and styles, our founders then have the capability to present the natural beauty of various professional made, hand crafter and casted jewelry items for an affordable price


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We only provide the most brilliant natural Precious Gemstones and diamonds, highest quality pearls and rare precious gems are combined and set with 18ct gold rings & Sterling Silver Jewelry chains to create the finest and most elegant designer jewelry.