Red beryl or bixbite


This is the extremely rare, ruby-red variety of beryl. The name bixbite is, however, controversial, due to the fact t1it is easily confused with bixbyite, an opaque manganes iron oxide of no gemological value, occurring, likewise rhyolite in the United States (Utah). Bixbite has a differorigin from that of both emerald and pegmatite bery being found in effusive magmatic rocks, and is seen small crystals, yielding gems usually no more than a ca, in weight, although some may be 2 or 3 carats.

Appearance Bixbite is a strong, almost ruby-red, or v let red, always with numerous inclusions and often, internal flaws. Its pleochroism is comparable to that of ruby.

Distinctive features Too few examples have been se to permit generalization. The refractive indices are high beryl, ca. rE 1.585, nw 1.594.
Occurrence Bixbite has only been found in rhyolite in w United States (Utah and New Mexico).

Value Given its extreme rarity, attractive color and w publicity that surrounded its discovery, it is of high vai but extremely hard to come by, hence, an exclusive colitor's item.

Simulants and synthetics Being very little known, it not been imitated, nor produced synthetically, at any rate not commercially.


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